Washington Coalition of Crime Victim Advocates

Strengthening crime victim rights and improving victim services

Right to an Advocate

Right to Have a Victim Advocate Present

Witness Fees (7.69.030)
  • All victims have the right to be notified of the procedure to collect witness fees.
Help with Employers (7.69.030)
  • All victims will be provided employee intercession services to ensure that employers will cooperate with the criminal justice process in order to minimize the victim/employee's loss.
Crime Victims Compensation (7.68.070)
  • Benefits are available to compensate victims for any physical or mental injuries resulting from a felony or a gross misdemeanor.
Stolen Property Returned (7.69.030)
  • Victims of any crime have the right to have stolen or personal property returned expeditiously when it is no longer needed as evidence. When feasible, this property should be returned to the victim within 10 days.
Restitution (7.69.030)
  • All victims and survivors of victims, of a felony crime, have the right to have the court issue an order of restitution, even if the offender is incarcerated. (DOC collects restitution while offender is in custody - County Clerks collect restitution after offender is released.)
Restitution in Juvenile Cases (13.40.192)
  • All victims of crimes committed by juvenile offenders have the right to receive court-ordered restitution. (Until the juvenile offender's 28th birthday. Offender's age limit can be extended to age 35.)