Washington Coalition of Crime Victim Advocates

Strengthening crime victim rights and improving victim services

Reporting Violations of Crime Victim Rights

Have you been a victim of crime? Were your victim rights violated? 

We want to know about it!  

Please share your story with us! 

Click here to report a violation of your rights as a victim of crime.

What information is being collected?

We would like as much information about your situation as possible, but all requested information - including your name - is optional.  Below are some of the things we would like to know:

  • Your name
  • The name of the suspect/defendant
  • County and city where the crime occurred
  • Whether the crime was reported to law enforcement
  • Police report and/or criminal court case number
  • Type of crime(s)
  • What rights you believe where violated and how
  • Actions taken to remedy the rights violations and the results of those actions

What will happen with this information?

WCCVA is collecting information about crime victim rights violations in Washington State in an effort to determine what rights are being violated and if Washington State law needs to be changed to allow for the enforcement of crime victim rights.  Currently, there is no place to report violations of rights and if your rights are violated, there is nothing that can legally be done to remedy this situation.  By collecting this information, we hope to obtain evidence about what rights are being violated in Washington.  All information collected will be used for statistics, but no identifying information about a crime or victim will be made public without the consent of the victim.  

We will never add your information to an e-mail list or disclose your information in any way without your permission.

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