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Dependant Person Rights

Additional Rights for Dependent Persons


Plain Language (RCW 7.69B.020 {1a})
  • Dependent persons have the right to have proceedings and police investigations explained to them in a language easily understood by them.
Recommendations to the Court (RCW 7.69B.020 {1e})
  • A victim advocate is allowed to provide recommendations to the court as to the dependent person's ability to understand the proceedings, and the court may be informed of the need for the presence of other supportive persons to be present while the dependent person testifies.
Referrals to Social Service Agencies (RCW 7.69B.020 {1f})
  • A dependent person has the right to be provided with information and the appropriate referrals to social service agencies to assist them with the emotional impact of the crime.
Law Enforcement Interviews (RCW 7.69B.020 {1i})
  • Law enforcement agencies are allowed the opportunity to enlist assistance of other professional personnel in the interviewing of a dependent person.
Written Statement of Rights (RCW 7.69B.020 {1j})
  • Dependent persons who are victims of violent and sexual crimes have the right to a written statement of their rights paraphrased to make it more easily understood.