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Craig R. Donaldson Award

Craig R. Donaldson Award

In 2002 the Washington Coalition of Crime Victim Advocates established the Craig R. Donaldson Award for Sustained Leadership Advocacy for Crime Victims. Its purpose is to recognize those who have committed a substantial measure of their time and energy to strengthened rights and improved services for victims of crime. It is to celebrate a body of work accomplished through sustained effort, over a period of time, on behalf of crime victims. 

Craig was a pioneer in the field of crime victim advocacy in the state of Washington. He was instrumental in the definition of core victim rights and in the development of service delivery models in the state. He was innovative in the pursuit of opportunities to give victims a stronger voice in criminal justice decision-making, and tenacious in keeping victims' interests a central focus of criminal justice policy making. Throughout his career, he exemplified the spirit of interdisciplinary respect and collaboration in the diverse and fast-developing field of victim advocacy.

An active member of the Washington Coalition of Crime Victim Advocates, Craig was instrumental in the passage of legislation giving victims of violent crimes the right to be heard by prosecutors and judges regarding proposed plea agreements. He also led efforts to increase funding for victim/witness programs and the state's Crime Victim Compensation program.

Craig pursued his work with a keen focus on the interest of victims, with pragmatism and perseverance, in the spirit of collaboration and the highest ethical standards. He performed serious, difficult work with a gentle good humor, and consistently brought out the best in his colleagues.

Past Award Recipients

2012 - Mark Solomon

2009 - Mary Miller

2005 - Susan Hannibal

2004 - Robyn Light

2002 - Senator Jeralita "Jeri" Costa and Representative Ida Ballasiotes