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We will be posting best practice information on this site as we discover it, but we can never find it all.  This is where you come in!  We encourage you to add content about best practices.  In order to do so, just start a new discussion thread in the appropriate category and be sure to include a link to the information.  Alternatively, you can simply e-mail the information to us and we will be happy to add it to the site. 

If you feel additional categories would be beneficial, please tell us and we will do our best to incorporate your ideas.

Only members of the site will be able to start discussions and post threads.  In an attempt to make sure only people with a legitimate interest in this information are allowed to post (i.e. reducing spammers) we have elected to manually approve members to the site.  This will slow down the approval process, but will reduce the likelihood of spam and inappropriate posts in the forums.  You can help us reduce spam as well by "flagging" any post that you believe is spam.  Thank you for your understanding!

*Please note:  "Site membership" differs from your membership to WCCVA.  Anyone can become a member of the site, which will enable them to start and participate in discussions and to post additional best and promising practices material.  Site membership is free.  If you find the information beneficial, however, we encourage you to support WCCVA either by making a donation to our organization or by becoming a WCCVA member.  Thank you!

We encourage healthy discussions about the best and promising practices in the forums.  However, we require respectful discussions and posts.  Any site member may be blocked and/or removed from the site at any time at the discretion of WCCVA.



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