Washington Coalition of Crime Victim Advocates

Strengthening crime victim rights and improving victim services

About Us

Who we are

The Washington Coalition of Crime Victim Advocates (WCCVA) was established in 1984. It is a private, non-profit 501c(3) statewide membership organization, with over 800 members throughout Washington State.  Our membership includes crime victim advocates, personnel from the criminal justice system, nonprofit organizations providing assistance to victims of crime, survivors of crime, concerned citizens, and members of allied professions (human services, education, mental health, clergy, etc.).

WCCVA's vision is to be recognized as a national leader in building a collaborative environment where crime victims are given the opportunity to heal and restore balance to their lives.


Integrity is critical to our mission; we are committed to honesty, openness, and fairness.

We are dedicated to providing an atmosphere of respect, that honors the indiviuality of each person and organization with whom we work.  We respect the right of victims to receive services on their terms.

Through collaboration with individuals and agencies devoted to providing excellence in crime vicitm services, we seek to empower, educate, and further victims' rights.


WCCVA envisions a society that pursues meaningful victim rights; provides competent, compassionate victim services; and respects victims, survivors, and witnesses of crime.


WCCVA works to support and strengthen victim rights, services, and systems through collaboration, outreach, awareness, and education.

To further these goals, WCCVA:

  • Provides Training to Victim Advocates
  • Advocates for Public Policies that are responsive to the needs and interests of crime victims
  • Promotes Public Awareness of the impact of crime on victims, victims' needs, and available services
  • Monitors Proposed Legislation that would impact crime victims
  • Public Policy Analysis, Education, & Advocacy among victim service providers

Contact Us

605 11th Avenue SE, Suite 102

Olympia, WA. 98501

(360) 456-3858


WCCVA Board of Directors

Greg Wright -President

Brendan Williams

Sandi Olson 

Jerome Delvin 

Kathryn Hedrick

Justin Felker 

George Culpepper 

Contact the WCCVA Board 

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