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Public Policy Mentoring Program

Are you interested in learning about public policy (legislation) and/or want to become more involved with legislation that affects crime victim rights and services? 


Are you experienced in working in the public policy field in support of crime victim rights and services? 

If so, we invite you to become involved in our Public Policy Mentoring Program!  We will connect seasoned advocates in the public policy field with new advocates or members of the public who wish to learn about public policy and how to impact or create new legislation.  No longer be forced to learn these unfamiliar waters alone or make "rookie" mistakes.  Let us connect you with someone who can help you learn the ins and out of how legislation is created as well as the tips on how to most significantly impact legislation.  Or, if you are one of the experienced professionals, help increase the impact of voices for victims by sharing your knowledge with new advocates and victims who want to make a difference!

To become part of this program, please complete the form below.
A note for Crime Victim Service Centers and other who receive state funding:

Crime Victim Service Center programs are funded primarily through the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA).  This funding cannot be used to support lobbying activities involving crime victim related legislation or administrative reforms.  This is the case whether the activities are conducted directly or indirectly. 

Here are some examples –

Eligible activities for advocates:

·         Testifying during a hearing related to crime victims and/or services when asked by sponsors of a bill.

·         Going to the capital to meet other advocates, volunteers, and/or coalition staff to get an overview of the legislative process.

    Discussing the legislative process with crime victims.


Non-eligible activities for advocates:

·         Campaigning for or against a politician or party.  

·         Publicizing support to pass or not pass specific bills or in other ways affect legislative decisions.

·         Speaking in support of or against bills during legislative committee hearings.

    Meeting with political representatives, even to discuss victim-related issues.

If you are interested in lobbying, please speak with your supervisor to determine if your position is funded 100% by VOCA with the CVSC grant budget, or if there are other sources that pay for part of your salary.  If you have questions about whether an activity is considered lobbying, please feel free to contact your Program Coordinator at OCVA.  Of course, these stipulations are only relevant during work hours and do not affect participation in political or legislative activities outside these hours.

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WCCVA Staff Contact

Director of Public Policy

Cody L. Benson

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