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WCCVA Honors Victim Service Providers

Posted by WCCVA on May 27, 2012 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (0)

We wish to congratulate Mark Solomon - this year's recipient of the Craig R. Donaldson Award for his 10 consecutive years of board service and other fabulous work for victims. Also, the board established a new award: the Nora Sizemore Award for Excellence in Victim Services, with Nora herself as the first recipient. The award was presented to Nora's family at her memorial celebration today. We will miss you and your passion for crime victims, Nora!

Proposed amendment to the US Constitution for Victim Rights

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H.J.Res.106: Federal Victims' Rights AmendmentIntroduced

OnMarch 26, 2012, thirty years after the President’s Task Force on Victims ofCrime first proposed a federal constitutional victims' rights amendment, Reps.Trent Franks [R-AZ] and Jim Costa [D-CA] introduced a bi-partisan amendment tothe U.S. Constitution to recognize crime victims' rights.  Here is thetext of H.J.Res 106:

Section1. The rights of a crime victim to fairness, respect, and dignity, beingcapable of protection without denying the constitutional rights of the accused,shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or any State. The crimevictim shall, moreover, have the rights to reasonable notice of, and shall notbe excluded from, public proceedings relating to the offense, to be heard atany release, plea, sentencing, or other such proceeding involving any rightestablished by this article, to proceedings free from unreasonable delay, toreasonable notice of the release or escape of the accused, to due considerationof the crime victim's safety, and to restitution. The crime victim or the crimevictim's lawful representative has standing to fully assert and enforce theserights in any court. Nothing in this article provides grounds for a new trialor any claim for damages and no person accused of the conduct described insection 2 of this article may obtain any form of relief.

Section2. For purposes of this article, a crime victim includes any person againstwhom the criminal offense is committed or who is directly harmed by thecommission of an act, which, if committed by a competent adult, wouldconstitute a crime.

Section3. This article shall be inoperative unless it has been ratified as anamendment to the Constitution by the legislatures of three-fourths of theseveral States within 14 years after the date of its submission to the Statesby the Congress. This article shall take effect on the 180th day after the dateof its ratification.

You can download a copy of H.J. Res. 106 at http://www.nvcap.org/112Cong/112hjres106ih.pdf

Ananalysis with references, resources and authority for the draft language can beviewed here.

Reps. Franks and Costa have distributed a “DearColleague” seeking cosponsors (http://www.nvcap.org/112Cong/HJR106_Dear_Colleague.pdf). 

WCCVA Seeks Board Members

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WCCVA is currently seeking applications and nominations to join the Board of Directors.  Advocates and non-advocates are encouraged to apply.

More information and applications can be found at http://www.wccva.org/boardelections.htm

WCCVA Seeks Television Commercial Competition Entries

Posted by WCCVA on February 29, 2012 at 4:55 PM Comments comments (1)

We were fortunate enough again this year to obtain a grant to support efforts for National Crime Victims Rights Week!  As part of the grant, we are currently accepting submissions for 30-second commercial spots that highlight victim rights and services in Washington State.  For more information about the competition, visit our webpage at http://www.wccva.org/commercialcompetition.htm

Public Invited to Attend Capitol Day Honoring Crime Victims

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Olympia, WA – The Washington Coalition of Crime VictimAdvocates (WCCVA) invites the public to attend its annual Capitol Day to beheld Friday, January 27th in Olympia.  The theme of WCCVA’s Capitol Day this year is“Victim Rights Are Human Rights.”  

Each yearWCCVA holds a day for crime victims, advocates, and the public to gather tolearn about the legislative process, discuss critical topics regarding victimrights and services, and to meet with legislators to share the importance ofestablishing and maintaining meaningful crime victim rights and services inWashington State.  The event is free andopen to the public; however, attendees are requested to RSVP.

The keynotespeaker at this year’s event will be Meg Garvin, Executive Director of the NationalCrime Victim Law Institute and a clinical professor of law at Lewis & ClarkLaw School in Portland, Oregon.  Garvinis recognized as a leading expert on victims’ rights. She regularly presents onvictims’ rights and participates in national forums to develop policy onvictims’ rights. She has testified before Congress and the Oregon Legislatureon the current state of victim law. She serves on the Legislative & PublicPolicy Committee of the Oregon Attorney General’s Sexual Assault Task Force,and co-chairs the Oregon Attorney General’s Crime Victims’ Rights Task Force.She served as co-chair of the American Bar Association’s Criminal JusticeSection Victims Committee from 2005-2010, and has served as a member of theboard of directors for the National Organization of Victim Assistance. 

In addition to the keynote addressfrom Garvin, the day will include an in-depth look at how laws are made, a tourof the capitol campus, and a presentation on WCCVA’s Victim Rights Alliance – agroup WCCVA recently formed to address the gaps in victim rights in Washington.

“WCCVA’s Capitol Day is a great wayfor those who are not familiar with the legislative process, especially crimevictims, survivors, and advocates, to learn about how they can make adifference,” said Karla Salp, Executive Director of WCCVA.  “Crime victims and the advocates within theirown communities are the ones that truly know and experience the shortcomings ofthe criminal justice system as well as what rights and services victimslack.  This day honors victims and givesthem tools to make systemic changes that diminish the inequalities victimsexperience in the criminal justice system and society.”

The Washington Coalition of CrimeVictim Advocates was established in 1984 and is a coalition of individuals andagencies that work to insure that all victims and witnesses of crime havemeaningful rights and services, enabling them to recover from crime.  WCCVA has played a significant role inestablishing crime victim rights in Washington State statutes and theWashington State Constitution, maintaining the Crime Victims Compensationprogram, and supporting the crime victim services centers throughout thestate. 

WCCVA’s Capitol Day begins at 8:15 AMon Friday, January 27th in the Columbia Room at the LegislativeBuilding on the capitol campus in Olympia. For more information or to RSVP, visit their website at www.wccva.org or call Shayna at 360-456-3858.


No Room At The Inn

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Some thoughts from Karla, WCCVA's Executive Director


Reminder - WCCVA Capitol Day January 27th

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Join us in the Columbia Room in the Legislative Building at the Capitol for WCCVA's Capitol Day on January 27th!  Our keynote speaker will be Meg Garvin from the National Crime Victim Law Institute!  This year's theme is "Victim Rights are Human Rights!"  Don't miss it!  Travel assistance may be available!

WA Supreme Court Rejects Proposed Criminal Court Rule 4.11

Posted by WCCVA on September 15, 2011 at 12:45 PM Comments comments (4)

On September 7th, the Washington Supreme Court rejected a proposed court rule - CrR 4.11 - which would have given attorneys the power to record pre-trial witness interviews against the wishes of the witness.  When this rule has been presented in the past, the court had sent it back to the bar association, who proposed the rule, for revisions.  This time the court rejected the rule without requesting further revisions. 

Congratulations to everyone who signed the petition, wrote letters, or sent comments to the court regarding the negative impact that such a rule would have on the participation, dignity, and respect of victims and witnesses.

100 Members!

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We are excited to announce that we have recently added a new member - Washington Anti-Trafficking Response Network - which is our 100th member for the year!  Welcome and thank you all for helping us continue the growth of our coalition and to expand our reach and impact for crime victim rights and services awareness!

Harlem Ambassador Tickets on Sale!

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Tickets to WCCVA's Harlem Ambassador Basketball benefit are on now!  Don't miss it!  http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/189743